• Hi, come outside
    and surround yourself
    with pristine nature!

  • A romantic getaway for two

  • An adventurous day with your family

  • Explore the nature by riding your horse

Welcome to Warredal

Warredal is a 59 acres large Recreation Park located in Belgian Limburg, near the Hoge Kempen National Park and the Bergerven Nature Reserve.

What started off as an Equestrian Centre promoting horseback riding lessons & competitions, slowly evolved into an all-around forest experience.

Catch a breath in one of our Cozy Cabins or Cozy Houses, experience the great outdoors in our Adventure Park or simply explore the magical area while riding your horse. We strongly believe in the beauty of nature and its healing, rejuvenating powers.


Discover the magic of Warredal

Spend the night at the Forest Camp

Are you tired of the fast paced society? Reconnect to nature and to your loved ones by disconnecting from your everyday life. Our Cozy Cabins are strategically constructed in the middle of the forest to help you recharge your batteries. Luxury lovers be aware: the tiny houses only offer basic comfort without fancy overkill. If you’re looking for a longer, more sophisticated getaway, you’ll most likely prefer the Lodge.

> Discover our Cozy Cabins

> Check out our Lodge

Discover the Adventure Park

The daredevils amongst us will absolutely enjoy climbing and ziplining through the woods. In addition, we offer various fun filled activities perfectly suitable for a birthday party, a bachelor event or a team building.

Are you rather a peace seeker? Go for a bike ride, try our midget golf or take a walk in the pristine nature. You’ll be amazed how many beautiful hidden gems you’ll find in Limburg.

> Spend a day in our Adventure Park

> Activities for Groups

New in Warredal

Make your childhood dreams come true by staying in one of our Cozy Houses  in the middle of the forest. These little gems are just like our Cozy Cabins located close to the National Park Hoge Kempen and Bergerven.

Covid-19 Update 😷

Warredal volgt alle corona ontwikkelingen op de voet en blijft voorlopig geopend. Je kan ook nog steeds gebruik maken van onze catering: ontbijt, BBQ en tapas worden geleverd op bestelling.

Warredal remains open until further notice. Our catering services including breakfast, barbecue and snack delivery are still available for you upon request.