Ponyritten in Warredal

Pony ride for kids (older than 4)

Our youngest guests will be enchanted by the ponies, goats and cows that run around in the petting zoo. You can however book a pony ride where the kids get the chance to brush and hug our ponies. We will also take them for a ride around Warredal.

  • 1 Pony / Cabin
    € 25
  • 2 PONIES / Cabin
    € 35
  • Guided ride
  • Duration: around 45 min
  • This ride needs to be booked on time, you can express you interest for a pony ride when you book your stay or during check in.

Guided horseback riding tours for advanced riders

Do you fancy riding a horse in nature? We offer private outdoor riding sessions with a guide. It doesn’t matter if you are well trained or a moderate rider, our guide will make sure you have a splendid time. Basic knowledge is obligatory.

  • Guided Riding Tour
    € 45 / Person
  • Guided horseback riding tour in Oudsbergen, nearby Warredal
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Included: Western or English saddle + horse
  • Suitable for experienced and/or moderate riders

Extra picknick: 10€ per person

PLEASE NOTE: This ride needs to be booked at least one week in advance (when requesting a ride during the weekend). Basic knowledge mandatory.