Together again!

The moment we were looking forward to has finally arrived.  Enjoying a barbecue with the family, cuddling nana, camping out with friends has never been more rewarding.

With the Summer months ahead, Warredal wants to give you the opportunity to look forward to a new adventure. Have you been daydreaming about visiting our stunning forest? Then definitely check out one of our Cozy Cabins. Each cottage is located in the middle of the forest, near Bergerven and the Hoge Kempen National Park. That way you are guaranteed to stay at a safe distance from the other guests. Enjoy a game of midget golf together or explore your limits in the climbing park. How about a pleasant bike ride or an hour of private sauna? Sounds great right?

But… we understand your concern. Booking a holiday during this period remains a risk. That is why we have adapted our conditions for this summer promotion. If your trip cannot take place in July or August due to stricter Corona measures, we will refund your entire amount. Does this sound appealing?

This way, we hope to contribute to all of you who had to throw their wild summer plans overboard. We are convinced that vacationing in your own country is just as much fun as spending time abroad. We wish everyone the best of health and hope to welcome you very soon!

Kind regards,
Team Warredal